Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Robot helper

This is a little robot That helps Aggy with her day to day work load

Character design

This is Doctor Agatha Flaud, of the Flaud institute for Trans dimensional biological research
and her robot Big Dummy, also a non leathal repulsar/stun rifle for gathering nasty samples.

wiener Robot!

Another page

This is my favorite page so far, I have based the main character Agatha Flaud on Maggie smith, and I think I got the likeness on this one?

A few more bits

Heres the rest of the bits and bobs from the old woman project, I dont want to go in to details about the story, other than its very scary and very sad!

New Project

Ok so its been an age since I have posted anything, here's a few samples from my book/graphic novel/not sure what it is type thingy.
Its all quite messy at the moment. still working out layout etc...