Sunday, 13 April 2014

The old woman dines tonight...

Old woman pages

Here's some test pages  for the narrative.

Robot Helper

This guy is based on an old concept too, Im not sure there is room in the story for him now but I thought I would show him anyway..
Again using 3d, maya and z-brush to evolve the idea from the original concept.

The old woman continued...

Heres a few ideas for the Old woman her self, Her name is Agatha Flaud.
you can see the original designs for her earlier in my blog.

The old woman project, body horror with heart!

Hi folks

So this is what I've been working on in my spare time sadly I had to leave it for a while since moving to the big smoke to work at framestore and some freelance commitments, but I'm finally getting back in to it.

So this work and the next few posts are  for a narrative that I'm working on, its  A big old love letter to those classic 80s body horror flicks like the fly, the thing and From beyond!

First up is some creature design for a fly from another dimension!
Starting with quick thumbnails, colour  studies, then some z-brush concepts that use bits and bobs from the 2d work.

Robots and future Oldy

Here's some robots I did  many years ago and an old guy from the future...